Learning and Innovation – the Intern Experience at Partner Electronics

After a busy summer, it’s all change again here at the Partner Electronics office.

Our three interns – Arek, Fergus and Henry – have left us to return to their university lecture halls. Before they went, we asked for some feedback on their time here.

The Engineering Journey – Silverstone Stage

What did you particularly enjoy in your time here?

Arek: The range of work the team undertakes is much bigger than I expected, and getting involved in such a variety was interesting.

Henry: We’ve had the opportunity to try lots of new things, which is excellent.

Fergus: Yes, the number of projects in progress was surprising and getting involved in so many, too.

Arek and Henry, you both had previous placements in large international companies; what stood out as a contrast to that experience?

Arek: I’ve found myself naturally involved in the projects I hoped to explore. There are opportunities to try different things here.

Henry: Socially, there’s a lot more going on – both in the office and outside – with a team this size, you can get to know people, and being in the office is a big part of that.

Are there any surprising things you’ve learned through the process?

Henry: Having a structured day in the office has been really important.

Arek: I’ve been pushed out of my comfort zone, but in this environment, it works.

Fergus: With people around all the time, you can ask any questions, so the learning is much easier.

What are the most important things you’ll take away from Partner Electronics?

Henry: Consultancy, working directly with clients, has been very interesting. There’s a real need to understand what you’re doing and why.

Arek: Process is so important. The work done by the Partner team has been well documented, so picking things up is relatively straightforward.

Henry: Yes, jumping in part way through a project is difficult, but with the processes and documentation the Partner team produce, it’s easier.

Fergus: Communication is key. Communication within the team has been great for learning and picking things up, but also in projects with clients.

Opportunities to learn, opportunities to grow

It is great to have new faces in the office, allowing them to explore areas they may not have worked on before and the confidence to work on client projects that will make their way out into the real world.

Good luck to Henry, Fergus and Arek as they work hard to complete their degrees. We’re looking forward to seeing where they go next.