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  • Partner Electronics works with ambitious businesses to maximise the benefits of electronics in their products.  Through concept and development, to approvals and into the marketplace, we are the dependable electronics partner. 

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    Industrial equipment, rugged instrumentation, controls, motor drive.  Hazardous location electronics - ATEx.

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    Sensors and Instrumentation

    Battery powered sensors and systems. Low power electronics. Energy harvesting technologies.  Precision sensors and distributed sensor systems.

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    Consumer electronics including audio, sensors, home controls, domestic electronics

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    LED lighting

    LED lighting controls and systems. Control interfaces.

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    Medical - Life Sciences

    Medical instruments, sensors and equipment. EN13485 and EN62304

  • Defence

    Electronics for defence application, including battery systems and controls.

  • "Good design is good business."

    Thomas J. Watson

  • Our Capabilities

  • Our team has expertise in the following technologies

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    Embedded Linux

    Development of embedded systems typically on iMX6 processors with Yocto.  Kernel and driver development. QT GUI and application development.  Experience of camera and image processing, and video streaming. Remote interfacing techniques for Internet of Things (IoT).

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    Many years experience of C and C++ coding for 8bit, 16bit and 32bit processors.  Development tools including IAR, Keil, Eclipse, TI CCS, and various manufacturer IDEs.  Experience of many interfaces such as DMA, SPI, I2C, RS485, Ethernet, camera and video interfaces, wireless, etc.

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    Extensive experience of smaller microprocessors such as Microchip PIC,  ARM Cortex M0, M3, M4, from ST STM32, NXP and Atmel. Also older 8 bit and  16bit devices such as 8051 and STM8.  Expertise in many peripherals such as ADC, DAC, PWM, serial interfaces, etc.

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    RF & Wireless

    The range of wireless applications continues to expand, and many short and long-range wireless systems are being implemented into industrial and consumer products.  Our experience includes Bluetooth, WiFi and LoRa, as well as proprietary protocols.

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    Digital Design

    Our broad experience includes digital signal processing ranging from low-speed interfaces to complex FPGA design.

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    Analogue Design

    Analogue signals are critical to many circuits often in sensor design and interfaces, but also in level shifting and control loops. We have extensive experience of low noise circuitry, filter design and control loop design.

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    Power Electronics

    Power circuits are required in most systems and our experience includes low-noise linear and switching topologies.  We ensure safe and efficient designs for each application, including medical or hazardous location.  Extensive experience in wireless power transfer.

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    Product Compliance

    Getting the right approvals and regulatory certification can be a significant part of modern product development, and very costly in time and fees if not addressed early enough. We have experience of developing for CE in various product areas, as well as medical and ATEx standards.

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    Opto Electronics

    We have years of experience with optical components and subsystems in both the telecoms and sensor applications.

  • What our clients say

  • "I always find a solution with you guys, and I can get in contact anytime.  You have a good spread of expertise and you invest in your people. You do what you set out to do, so I'd recommend Partner Electronics."

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    Mark Chappell

    Research and Development Manager

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    We're happy to get involved at any stage of the development. Whether helping resolve approvals problems or throwing around ideas in the conceptual phase, the first step is to get in touch.