Meet the Team

You might get to work with any of us here at Partner Electronics. Individually we bring a range of strengths and experience, personality, and characteristics; together we’re a professional and efficient team. We look forward to meeting you.

Colin J


Senior Engineer

A graduate of the University of Northampton, Colin has a strong interest in power electronics & system design. Outside of the office; Colin is a keen diver who assists with running the local Scuba club.

Richard R


Managing Director

Holding degrees from both Newcastle and Essex; and with a passion for problem-solving, Richard is an engineer’s engineer, being extremely process orientated. Aside from work, Richard enjoys football, running and fishing.

Jan R


Office Manager

Having studied in Newcastle, Jan followed a career in Teaching, developing the fundamental skills to lead the office and manage clients at Partner.  Away from the office, Jan spends her time being creative, volunteering, fostering Guide Dogs and (when she gets a chance) enjoying a good book with a cuppa.

Henry S


Lead Engineer

Completing a degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from the University of Bath, Henry has a passion for the software side of the business. Out of the office, he can be found playing cricket or volunteering.


Senior Firmware Engineer

Richard joins our team with many years of firmware development experience.

Andrew T


Lead Engineer

Holding an engineering degree from Durham, Andrew has become an accomplished member of the team with an interest in Microcontrollers. When not in the office, Andrew can be found playing squash, football or volunteering with the local scouts.

Dan L



Holding a masters degree from Imperial College London, Dan has an interest in embedded system design and analogue circuitry. Away from the office, Dan enjoys rowing, snowboarding, fishing and model building.

Robert D


Lead Engineer

Having a masters degree from the University of Southampton, Robert enjoys problem solving with the skills he's gained from ten years of industry experience. He spent five of those years in South Africa with a diverse set of problems. Outside work Robert can be found playing hockey in Banbury.

Kav R



Kav holds an MEng in EEE from the University of Nottingham, he now enjoys working with clients to design and test both hardware and firmware.  Away from work, Kav enjoys photography, playing the guitar, cooking, gaming and spending time
in the gym.

George C



Having obtained a masters degree from Warwick University, George has developed a keen interest in electronic design, especially regarding PCB layout. In his free time, he enjoys tennis and watching 1960s Doctor Who.

Mubeen A



With both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from DeMontfort University, Mubeen is passionate about engineering with an interest in both hardware and firmware.  He spends his time away from the office playing football, baseball, or socialising.

PEL Icon


Lead Engineer

Recently joining our team, bringing a wealth of embedded Linux and software experience.



With a degree from Imperial College London, Chineme is a passionate engineer with an interest in MATLAB and firmware, constantly striving to develop and expand her expertise. Away from the office Chineme enjoys weightlifting, watching documentaries and socialising.



Graduating from Loughborough University with a Masters degree in Electronics and Computer Systems Engineering, James has developed a keen interest in both software and firmware. Away from the office, James enjoys playing football, going to the gym and cooking.

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Holding an engineering degree from Bristol, Owen is keen to develop a variety of skills in both hardware and firmware.  In his spare time, Owen enjoys playing the saxophone, DJing and playing squash.

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Office Admin Assistant

Lorraine helps us with admin, day-to-day business operations and ensuring the office runs smoothly.  Away from work, Lorraine enjoys rugby, gardening and baking.

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Could this be you?

Engineer (Graduate up to Senior)

If you are an electronics or firmware design engineer looking for an exciting and challenging role, then get in touch.  Due to increasing demand, we're looking to grow the team.  Go to our Careers Page and get in touch directly!