Here to Make a Difference – Meet Our New Interns

July in the Partner Electronics office means one thing – some new faces to join our team.

Welcoming these interns allows us to support a new intake of learners while benefiting from their skills and new perspectives. We chatted with them to discover what they hope to gain from working with us.



We’re pleased to welcome Arek from Bath University, where he’s studying for his Master’s in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Most recently, though, Arek has been doing his placement year in industry, working in a large corporation in Nottingham.

Born in Poland and growing up in Plymouth, Arek is pleased to have chosen this path. ‘With so much to learn,’ he says, ‘I can see it will be interesting for a whole career.’

Before starting his final year, Arek says he is looking forward to this time in Partner Electronics to compare against his experience in his previous corporate placement. He says he is already enjoying the variety of projects, the opportunity to be involved in different parts of the project, and seeing his work’s impact so quickly. The work here has been ‘very deep, very fast,’ with the chance to get involved in project work immediately with a good team’s support.

Most of all, Arek says he is looking forward to the experience of learning from a team of engineers in the field and making real-life products. The learning at university is very academic, with experts distanced from such development. Partner Electronics presents an opportunity to learn from engineers combining technical expertise and business skills.


From Imperial College London, we’re welcoming Fergus, who’s studying Biomedical Engineering. He chose the course, he tells us, because it’s diverse, allowing him to explore mechanics, materials, and electronics – in which he’s specialising.

Drawn to engineering by an enjoyment of taking things apart and a curiosity to find out how they work, Fergus’ experience at university has sparked an interest in electronics, which he wants to explore in real-world developments, which is why he applied to Partner Electronics.

Fergus started his internship looking forward to seeing what it is like working in an engineering company and experiencing such a workplace before he finishes his degree. So, what does he think so far?

Fergus says, ‘I like the variety, the projects are interesting, and it’s very different to university work – there’s such a lot going on.’


Henry is joining us from Nottingham University, where he will soon enter the final year of his integrated Master’s degree. He also took a year out of his degree for industry experience working for a large engineering firm in London, where he focused on software.

Henry told us he’s always enjoyed computers and technology, so he considered studying computing at university until he discovered electronic engineering.

At his previous placement, Henry’s work mainly focused on web-based software, so one thing he’s looking forward to is the opportunity to do more work on hardware projects. He likes the variety of work at Partner Electronics and the idea of working directly with clients to create usable products.

So far, Henry says Partner Electronics has been great; the people are welcoming, and the atmosphere is friendly. We talked about the social side of the team, which three interns have experienced already with an opportunity to visit Silverstone Racetrack on the Formula 1 Grand Prix qualifying day.

Henry is looking forward to opportunities to work on hardware projects and the variety of the work here. He is also pleased to experience a workplace so different from his previous corporate placement, a chance to see something different and to find out which works best for him.

Opportunities to learn, opportunities to grow

Having interns in the company provides us with so many benefits. While they experience how we work and learn more about real-life product development, we give them experience in a variety of areas and learn from their experiences too.

If you’re working with Partner Electronics over the next two months, you might meet Arek, Fergus or Henry – we hope you’ll say hello.