Meet Isabel, Lancaster University to Partner Electronics – Building Excellence on a Solid Foundation

Isabel is a brilliant member of our team, with a focus on continued learning since she joined meaning that she enjoys getting involved in the various projects and different systems she’s supported so far.

Recently, Isabel was asked to consider her time at university and how that prepared her for the working world, we were pleased to hear how much she is getting out of her time with us and thought you might like to see it too. Here’s the profile, originally published on the website of Lancaster University, Electronic and Electrical Engineering MEng Hons.

A future for Isabel

I studied MEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering at Lancaster, and after graduating, I secured a role as Electronics Design Engineer at Partner Electronics, based in Silverstone. At the moment, I am part of a team that designs PCBs, writes firmware and creates software for a range of products different products – from smart sensors to components used in space flights! Here, we take ideas from prototype, right through to a point where they are ready for manufacture.

My work here is so varied, and I learn something new every day – but thanks to my time spent at Lancaster’s School of Engineering, I have a solid foundation of technical knowledge to draw and build upon. The School is also very interdisciplinary, which gave me an excellent starting point for being able to communicate with clients. Many of our clients are quite technically-minded, but may not necessarily have expertise within my field. At Lancaster, we often had the opportunity to work alongside engineers from other disciplines, so we would need to convey our ideas in a manner that can be understood by everyone, in a similar way to how I do now.

Many of the modules I studied at Lancaster have greatly benefited me as I have transitioned into the working world. As an MEng student, I got the opportunity to undertake a number of group projects and management modules. These have all stood me in excellent stead for the project management aspects of my work today, which I have been undertaking pretty much since I started! The course at Lancaster, as well as the many extra-curricular opportunities available to students, have helped to build my confidence to get me where I am today.

Looking ahead to the future

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