The Company

Partner Electronics is an electronics and embedded firmware design services team, that develops products, components, modules or systems for our clients. We provide businesses with access to an established, dependable and professional engineering team, that delivers prompt and effective benefits.

Developing a technically strong and professional team has always been important to Partner Electronics, so we have grown our team slowly and steadily.  We invest significantly in training and development, and for some years have focussed our recruitment on strong graduates to grow the team and encourage promotion from within.

Our clients range from small to large organisations, and our role adapts accordingly.   Each is an expert in their own business and market, so our role is to augment and enable them to achieve more.  This can be by providing specialist skills and resource that they do not have in-house, or it can be by taking on work where additional capacity is needed.

A majority of our business is returning clients, and because we can provide continuous support for clients, many will work with us month-to-month, dealing with product iteration and lifecycle issues.

We pride ourselves on developing sustainable, honest, and trustworthy relationships with everyone we have the opportunity to work alongside.

"Partner Electronics have really lived up to the name for Cipher Surgical in helping to bring the OpClear product to market." - Cipher Surgical Ltd.

Our History

Partner Electronics Ltd was founded in 2007 by a group of experienced electronics engineers, with the dream of providing an innovative engineering resource for UK businesses.

The company started at the Silverstone Innovation Centre, at the world-famous Formula 1 circuit. As the business established and grew, we moved a mile or so down the road to New Rookery Farm business units in Silverstone village, where we continue to this day.

Over the years we have had the privilege of working with some great companies, ranging from blue-chip to awesome SMEs, and in market sectors such as consumer audio, industrial, laboratory equipment, oil & gas, telecoms, and so on.  We value each of them as we help each other grow.

Partner Electronics remains an independent company, working only for the benefit of its clients and staff.

"I always find a solution with you and I can get in contact anytime. You have a good spread of expertise and you invest in your people. You do what you set out to do" - BGB Discovery.

Our Values

Values help us make the right decisions as we go about our business. They reflect our ethos and aspirations for both our clients and ourselves. We believe they encourage strong partnerships and company growth by creating a healthy and productive atmosphere for all of our staff and clients to work within.

  • Integrity, Honesty and Respect

    Every person is treated with respect and honesty, regardless of gender, background, organisation or job title. We don't make out to be what we are not. We seek the right decisions and solutions, not the ones we would like.  Through this we earn trust.

  • Learn, Teach and Grow

    Learning is lifelong and valuable, whether technical, professional or for personal development.  Let's keep being amazed by the next thing we learn!  Pass this joy of learning on to those around you and inspire others to grow.

  • Proactive and Determined

    When the going gets tough... find the way through. Be proactive about identifying solutions and be prepared for hard work when things don't go to plan.

  • Technical and Process Excellence

    We aim for excellence in everything we do, and whilst this is always an ongoing journey, we want to keep improving.  We set a high standard for our work and so we put the quality processes in place to guide, monitor and continually improve how we work.

  • Communication, Communication, Communication

    Communication is vital to maintaining effective relationships, whether clients, colleagues, suppliers or bosses!  The media doesn't matter, it can telephone, video, chat, or face-to-face, but good communication avoids misunderstandings, bad assumptions and missed facts.  Talking promptly and honestly about problems is always the best way.

  • Great Place For All To Work

    We spend a lot of time at work and for a high-performing team, every employee needs to be engaged and motivated.  We achieve this when we are valued, with a clear purpose and part of something good.  It is more than just pay and conditions, it is the opportunity, environment, teammates and achievement.

"We have found Partner to consistently be pro-active, enthusiastic, pragmatic and focussed on delivering solutions." - Vision Engineering Ltd.

Our Community

As a company, we recognise that we are part of a wider world and community.  We encourage our staff to volunteer, fundraise and get involved in whatever way they can.  The following are three examples that we support.

Cancer Research UK

Love In Action