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The Place To Be: South Northamptonshire

On Wednesday 19th September, South Northamptonshire Council hosted an Innovation and Investment conference at Silverstone Wing, to discuss the exciting future of the region. We attended the event as a member of the Silverstone Technology Cluster, where we are heavily involved with the local business community. The STC promotes and supports firms in and around Silverstone. The overall goal of the organisation is to bolster the growth of firms in the region and attract investment.

The Oxford-Cambridge Corridor

The collaboration between the STC and South Northamptonshire Council focussed upon the promising future of the region. In particular, the development of the Oxford-Cambridge corridor, a line of towns and cities with extraordinarily productive economies, competing on a global scale. Oxford and Cambridge are home to 3000+ technology firms, with the corridor between the two hosting the UK’s acclaimed £9 billion motorsport industry.  At the heart of this corridor lies the district of South Northamptonshire, with over 5000 local businesses. The Council hosted the conference in order to attract new firms to the area, and encourage current businesses to push on. The STC is responsible for much of the recent success in the district. They are heavily involved with local economic activity, working to share knowledge, promote investment and generally help local firms to prosper.

An Exciting Future

With the technology sector still a growing force in the economy, we can expect the Oxford-Cambridge corridor to become a vibrant area of economic activity and technological advancement. An example of this coming to life is the fact that Northampton has been highlighted as the city with the highest rate of business start-ups in the country outside of London. We have already seen local population growth due to the increased business activity in the region. With 4 of the UK’s fastest growing towns and cities located in the corridor. South Northamptonshire council are expecting 11,020 new homes to be built by 2029, to cater for this.

The government has earmarked the corridor as an area for considerable investment in the future. Due to the efforts of the UK to remain at the forefront of technology. Here at Partner Electronics we are located right in the centre of this exciting district and are looking forward to seeing what the future has to offer. If you want to be a part of our future and experience the development of the Oxford-Cambridge corridor first-hand, click here.



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