New Graduate Recruit Q&A – Andrew Norwood

On Tuesday the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the possibility of the country going into a second lockdown and warns us that our fight against COVID-19 is far from over. However, despite the disastrous effects this virus is having on our economy, here at Partner we have been lucky enough to be able to continue as normal. With that being said we are happy to announce and welcome our newest graduate recruit, Andrew Norwood. Today we are getting to know him better with a Q&A.

Tell us about yourself

I have just graduated from Loughborough University in Electronic and Electrical Engineering and although COVID-19 made my final year studies way more difficult, I managed to obtain First-class Honours and I am incredibly proud of myself. At University I enjoyed the ultra-low-power aspects of my course and I can’t wait to put all the things I have learned over the last 3 years into solving real-world problems. Aside from my career I love attending automotive events and socialising with my friends and family.

Why did you choose to continue working at Partner Electronics after you completed your internship?

Here at Partner they have you working on projects right from the start. From gaining hands-on experience right from the get-go, I can honestly say I have learned more in two weeks at Partner than I have at other companies. You learn hard and fast and it’s thrilling. Not only this, I get the opportunity to work on projects with clients from a wide range of industries, so you aren’t just stuck in one area of expertise. You always get to try something new which really helps with my self-development.

What are your first impressions of the company?

Everyone here has a great work ethic and is very welcoming. They are always on the go but are happy to make time to help you if you need it. This makes working here very enjoyable.

What do you hope to learn during your time here?

I want to become an expert in as many areas as possible and I have particular interests in hardware, firmware, and embedded systems. With this knowledge I hope to become a triple threat *laughs*. I also want to be able to lead my own projects and help others.

Who influences you the most within the engineering industry?

I think the company director Richard has had a huge influence on me, seeing him create a successful small business and help clients to design products to a high standard, makes me aspire to be just like him.

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