Jack Stokley Internship

Meet our Intern – Jack’s Q&A

As the United Kingdom slowly acclimatises to the scorching heatwave we have been enjoying this summer. Our summer interns have been settling into their roles. To get to know the boys better we’re throwing together a Q&A. This week we are talking to Jack Stokley.

Tell us about yourself?

I’m a student at Loughborough University studying for a masters in Electrical and Electronic Engineering with a diploma in Industrial Studies. I’ve just finished my Year in Industry, and have two years left back at Loughborough. Outside of work I’m very into my cars, going to the gym and listening to rock metal. All aside from being an avid Love Island fan of course.

What made you apply for a summer internship at Partner Electronics?

I was looking for an internship which could offer me a good balance between hardware and software. Being an Electronics design consultancy I believed Partner could do this for me. On top of this; the prospect of having real responsibility at a bespoke firm absolutely appealed to me as it would give me the chance to make a real impact and add value to the firm.

Where do your individual engineering interests lie?

I really enjoy C programming and PCB design. I’m hoping to be able to get some more experience in these areas over the summer.

What do you hope to get out of the internship?

I want to get some real experience in the fields which interest me most, as well as the opportunity to discover some new areas of interest. My main aim for the internship is to broaden my skill set and experience working life at a SME. Having worked at a large firm during my Year in Industry; I’m looking forward to having more responsibility and making a larger impact at a bespoke electronics firm.

What have your first impressions of PEL been?

The most striking aspect of my first couple of weeks working at Partner, would have to be the balance that’s struck between a friendly social atmosphere and actually getting work done. Everyone has been amazingly friendly, and very easy to get on with. I believe this makes a big difference when it comes to work; as there’s a real sense of collaboration leading to innovation when it comes to problem solving. I’ve really enjoyed the events organised by Partner outside of work too. Especially getting to know the more senior guys on a more personal level.

You’re on Dragons Den presenting your dream product. What are you pitching to the Dragons?

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this… So my million dollar idea would be a sponge which can’t melt. You could place it into a saucepan, and when you drop your eggs in to boil them they wouldn’t crack. Genius, right?