Graduate Development – Ian and Sam


We are pleased to announce the promotion of Sam Faull and Ian Johnston, from Graduate Engineers to our new Lead Engineers.

They have both worked for our company for a number of years, becoming invaluable and innovative members of our team. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, their hard work and determination has never been more prevalent. They do everything they can to keep the business running as usual and it has been a success.

Sam and Ian have been treasured members since they joined us as Graduates. They have been at the centre of innovation and the catalysts for forward-thinking and collaboration. They are appreciated by all of their colleagues; we often find ourselves turning to them for their advice and expertise. In their new roles, they will continue to successfully lead projects and will give further support to their team members. By overseeing that the others learn and thrive just as they have.

Congratulations and welcome to your new roles! We look forward to watching you grow even further.