Why We Are Excited to Be Part of the IAG at Silverstone Technology Cluster

February has brought some changes to the Silverstone Technology Cluster (STC), with the introduction of a new cohort of members to the Industry Advisory Group (IAG). We’re particularly pleased to report that our own Richard Rydon has joined this influential team.
Our membership of the STC has been a huge benefit to Partner Electronics, providing a forum to meet local businesses, enjoy collaboration opportunities and be part of a nationally recognised and respected organisation.
Because of the STC’s position and relationships with other associations, being a member provides much greater visibility into developments in the industry nationwide. While within the STC itself, 75% of the membership are technical businesses ensuring these relationships provide real value and a vital platform to discuss industry changes.

Why the Industry Advisory Group?

The IAG members are individuals representing companies within the cluster and reporting to the STC board. Through regular meetings, it provides a voice for group members, ensuring the work of the STC supports them and the companies within the cluster.
Being a member of the IAG means we can:
Engage directly with STC board members, discussing concerns and providing insights.
Get a clear picture of the overall aims of the STC and how these will be achieved.
Encourage collaboration within this forum.
Guide the direction of the work of the STC.

Providing Insight and Gaining Influence

While Richard has plenty to keep him busy in the Partner Electronics office, this opportunity to be part of such an important organisation is a great chance to give something back to the local business community.
We’re looking forward to being part of this group for the next two years, seeing how the decisions are made and getting to know the group members much better. We know this industry doesn’t stand still and are pleased take our position within such a team.