Meet Kav, Intern to Graduate Engineer – Finding His Place at Partner Electronics

When I asked Kav about his hopes on entering university, where he’d seen himself going with his well-earned MEng, it turns out he hadn’t got his life planned out at 18 after all.

The study of Electrical and Electronic Engineering was inspired by his enjoyment of developing (“tinkering with”) electronics so, investigating his next steps, Kav chose opportunities which would enable this pursuit further.

Having interned here before graduating from the University of Nottingham, we were incredibly happy that Kav chose to return to Partner Electronics after graduation. So, we decided to talk to him about why he chose us and what he does here.

Let’s meet Kav.

From University to Real-World Engineering

While university is a time for learning your subject and how to survive in the world outside your family home, thinking about the future is never far from those thoughts either. At the beginning of his second year, spurred on by friends making plans for their next steps, Kav began thinking about what he was looking for outside the university labs and started a search for internships.

Engineering Internship – Work Experience with Real Work and Real Support

Having applied for a couple of internships through careers websites, Kav wasn’t sure what to expect when he arrived at our Partner Electronics office on the edge of Silverstone.

Looking back, Kav says he walked into the interview with reasonable knowledge but realised there was still a lot to learn. Most importantly, though, he was happy to discover that those interviewing him would take the time to teach him things he didn’t know – generously sharing their time and expertise.  

Kav says he found the office and team “homely and welcoming”, an atmosphere which created the ideal outcome with Kav leaving the interview happy and wanting to return.

Starting his internship a year late because of Covid, meant Kav had gained more university experience when he arrived in the summer of 2021 with two other interns.

When I asked Kav what he was most looking forward to that summer, he said he wanted to see “real engineering work”, understand what was expected of him in this environment, and to meet other interns hearing about their experiences and learning from each other.

Kav says one of the highlights on arrival was discovering he wasn’t going to spend time making coffee, instead getting involved in real development work feeding into real customer projects.

Being part of conversations about customer developments was fascinating and seeing how his work supported it directly was incredibly satisfying.

Kav also remembers the amazing support of the other engineers. Feeling that it was such a positive experience of “real working”, he was pleased to be invited to return to an employed role once he’d graduated.

There’s no question too, he says, that having a job offer took away some of the stress in his final year.

Graduate Engineering – A Solid Foundation and Commercial Awareness

So, stepping back into Partner Electronics HQ as a graduate, would that feel any different?

Kav tells me that returning to the team as a graduate engineer, was great. Not only did he love catching up with the team, he remembers being excited to follow-up on developments he’d been part of; seeing how they had become part of client solutions has been a highlight since his return.

Even as an intern, Kav says the focus on internal process at Partner Electronics has been key to creating a solid foundation and reassurance in his working practice. This contrasted with his university experience, providing a big learning curve and significant value.

Another highlight for Kav, is his immediate involvement in commercial discussions on projects which is incredibly rare for graduate engineers. This gives a different perspective on the work being done and provides valuable insights into client needs.

The focus now is for Kav to grow as an engineer; while his priority is his work serving clients and projects, he also has plenty of time for personal development and training. He says this feels like “being in at the deep-end, but with floating aids” – working directly with clients, while always having the support of a hugely experienced team to hand.

Graduate Engineer – What Comes Next?

Of course, I had to ask what made Kav choose Partner Electronics? And we’re delighted with his response.

Variety of Work

Within the team here at Partner Electronics, there are different specialisms and various interests – ideal as our clients have diverse needs within a mix of industries (medical, industrial, energy and consumer just to start). As a graduate Kav is working on projects in various fields developing as an “all-round engineer” until he chooses to specialise – and there is plenty of opportunity to specialise at Partner Electronics too.

People Centred

The overall focus on support within the team has been obvious from his first visit, Kav went on, “the people are caring, friendly and I found I made good relationships quickly”. Partner Electronics is a team who understand each other’s strengths and are committed to giving people what they need to thrive, providing you with the support you need.

The work of interns and graduates like Kav is integral to everything we do at Partner Electronics. If you’re working towards a degree in Electrical or Electronic Engineering and are interested in what we’re offering here, we’d love to hear from you: