Goodbye Jeremy, Here’s to a Wonderful Retirement and Exciting New Adventures

In October, we’ve been sad to say goodbye to our first ever employee, Jeremy.

Jeremy became part of the team at Partner Electronics soon after the business was launched, joining while the company resided at our first office in the Silverstone Circuit Innovation Centre. Having worked with Richard in a previous role, bringing Jeremy into the company was a milestone and a huge benefit. As Richard said, “Jeremy has been a really important part of the business the whole time.”

Thinking back to those early days, Richard remembered many long hours and late nights. “I remember working on the development of some high-powered coffee machines. There were lots of late nights, staying up to get work done and being unable to drink the coffee because what we were testing with wasn’t allowed for human consumption. Jeremy’s work was vital.”

“Every Day Has Been Interesting”

This is what Jeremy told me when we talked about his time at Partner Electronics.

In fact, Jeremy told his own stories about those early days at the Silverstone Circuit office, trying to test a new audio speaker while the Formula 1 tyre tests were going on was particularly challenging.

Back then the company had limited equipment which meant hand crafting circuits and soldering microscopic components.

Clearly, lots has changed throughout Jeremy’s 44-year career. Computers were just being brought in for design work, but calculations were still being done by hand. He tells me, however, that much of the knowledge and skills he learnt at the beginning – through his degree in Physics and Electronics – has continued to be useful, supporting his work right through to today.

I asked Jeremy what was so special about Partner Electronics, for his view on why clients work with us and why people stay. In this industry, he said, most other companies you’ll come across are much bigger or solo consultants. Partner Electronics is special, the customer needs are central to everything we do – even after the contract is over. This is why people keep coming back.

Reflecting on this he continued, “Communication with customers and the fact we build great relationships means things work even when they’re not going to plan. I’ve always appreciated being in touch with the clients, the relationships you build and the understanding you have helps you all get through the tough times.”

So, after 15 years I had to ask what had kept Jeremy at Partner Electronics. Without hesitation, he replied, “the friendships”, adding “There’s an emotional investment having seen the business grow from the very beginning.”

Jeremy also mentioned how much he values the support Partner Electronics has provided allowing him to be involved with projects outside work. When he was involved with the Tove Valley Baptist Church community building project, Richard and the team at Partner Electronics enabled his participation. Equally, when it came time to consider retirement, Jeremy was encouraged to think about how he made the break and being able to ease himself away from the office has been positive for everyone.

Looking Ahead

So, what’s next?

First and foremost, Jeremy is looking forward to spending time with his granddaughters, he’s already enjoying the time they spend together so the plan is to make much more of it.

There are jobs around the house too, he tells me, a long list of DIY to complete now he’ll be spending more time at home. Although that will need to fit in around his plans to get out and about, hiking, volunteering, and travelling with family and friends.

One thing is for sure, the relationships made here at Partner Electronics won’t be forgotten, these are friends and they’ll be in touch. As Richard has said “Jeremy says he’ll come back for odd jobs if we need him – as long as he’s not busy doing something else!”

It’s difficult to imagine Partner Electronics without Jeremy. As Richard said, both the team and clients will be sorry to see Jeremy go “His experience and ability to see a problem from a different perspective will be greatly missed”.

Jan added, “We’re sad to see Jeremy go, thanks so much for everything you’ve brought to the company Jeremy.” We all wish you the best.