A Day for Learning and Growth, Our Second Annual Partner Day

Last year was our first Partner Day, a time to step away from the office, talk about the business, and learn from each other. After a productive and full-on day, we agreed it was valuable, so there was no hesitation about making this an annual occurrence. 

Business Development – in the Sunshine 

Partner Day is our opportunity to celebrate what makes Partner Electronics unique; it’s not just about the skills and knowledge it’s about the people, the relationships, and the curiosity. We think about why we work the way we do; should we do things differently? Could we do things better? Because if you don’t ask the questions, you’ll never know the answers.

This is a chance for everyone to learn more about the business and be involved with improving it, and a time to reflect on how we are doing in line with our company values and quality objectives.

Partner Electronics at the Towcester Mill Brewery

On a beautiful June morning, the Towcester Mill Brewery is a wonderful place to start your day. With the sun shining, the countryside verdant, and the coffee strong, the team arrived ready to get stuck in.

It was a day filled with debate, discussion, and dingbats; but while we had fun, this wasn’t just a fluffy day out of the office. So what is the point?

It’s about the culture

Partner Day is an opportunity to ensure we’re all grounded in similar thinking, a culture which is very important to us.

  • Enabling individuals to ask questions and understand our motivations is crucial to their commitment to us and the work we do.
  • This is an opportunity to learn and inspire change by raising concerns and asking questions – we commit to taking what we discuss here and acting on it. We hope that each member of the team will learn something new about the business, giving us all a chance to consider how we are moving the company forward.
  • It’s also a chance to think about our values, what our objectives are and how we are working to fulfil them. This time spent together allows us to make sure each person in the team understands why these values are so important.

The Value of Partner Day 

While we appreciate the wonderful location, sunshine, delicious cheese lunch, and beer brewed on-site, hopefully, the team will all take away something more than this – and we’re not just talking about Jan’s extra cheese and Rob’s Christmassy Tigger mug!